Smoke-free nicotine products are more sought-after than ever, thanks to higher public awareness of health risks associated with cigarettes and vapes. Nicotine pouches and dipping tobacco stand out as popular choices, but they differ in terms of usage, ingredients, and potential health impacts.

ZYN is one of the most popular nicopods in the USA, while Copenhagen remains the go-to dip brand for many Americans. This ZYN vs. Copenhagen analysis will compare the two options in-depth and present all the information necessary to choose the right nicotine product for you. 

Smokeless Nicotine Products—A Brief Overview

The smokeless nicotine market is more diverse than ever, with various products competing for the attention of users who want a less risky alternative to cigarettes and vapes. To choose the right one, you should know the basics of all smokeless nicotine options. Consult the table below for a brief overview: 

Smoke-Free Nicotine ProductDescription
Chewing tobaccoProcessed or loose tobacco, chewed
Dry snuffFinely ground tobacco for inhaling
Dip or moist snuffFinely ground or long-cut tobacco for oral consumption
SnusMoist tobacco packed in pouches and placed in the mouth
Nicotine pouches Nicotine powder packed in pouches and placed in the mouth, tobacco-free
Dissolvable products Strips, lozenges, and other products that dissolve in the mouth
Nicotine gumReleases nicotine when chewed

ZYN belongs to the category of nicotine pouches, while Copenhagen is a dip tobacco product.

ZYN vs. Copenhagen—Main Differences 

Despite its Nordic name, Copenhagen is an American brand—in fact, it’s the first dipping tobacco brand in North America, created by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company in 1822. 

Ironically, ZYN is an actual Scandinavian brand, introduced by the Stockholm-based Swedish Match in 2014. Since then, ZYN and other nicotine pouches have dominated the U.S. market, thanks to the high demand for tobacco-free nicotine products. 

Unlike Copenhagen, ZYN doesn’t contain tobacco. Most other differences between the two brands are the result of this key distinction, including the ones outlined in the table below:

Smoke-Free Nicotine ProductMain IngredientFormatFlavorsSpitting
ZYN Nicotine powderPrepackaged in pouches A wide variety of non-tobacco aromasNot required
Copenhagen dipTobaccoLoose tobaccoMostly classic tobacco flavorsRequired 

In the sections below, we’ll compare both brands according to their:

  • Ease of use
  • Ingredients
  • Flavor variety 
  • Health effects

Copenhagen Dip—Ease of Use

Using Copenhagen dip involves the following steps:

  1. Find a private area—While the use of non-smoking tobacco products is rarely restricted, the process requires spitting, which you probably don’t want to do in the presence of other people. 
  2. Crack the seal on the can—Use a fingernail or something sharp to remove the wax lining between the lid and the lower part of the Copenhagen can
  3. Check the dip inside—Open the can and see if the tobacco inside is still moist and fresh
  4. Pinch some tobacco—Use two fingers to take a small amount of tobacco
  5. Place the tobacco in your mouth—Pack the tobacco tightly to avoid the dip falling apart and position it between your lower cheek and gums
  6. Wait for your gums to absorb the nicotine—Depending on the size of your pinch, you can get a few hours of nicotine absorption from a single pinch
  7. Spit out saliva as necessary—Never swallow your tobacco-infused saliva, and find a convenient place to spit outside or use a bottle
  8. Remove the tobacco—Once you stop feeling a nicotine hit, dispose of all the tobacco from your mouth

The process is extremely tedious and messy. Your fingers and teeth typically get stained by tobacco, and it’s difficult to use dip in public due to the constant spitting. Since the tobacco isn’t prepackaged, you have to decide how much you’ll take every time—increasing the risk of nicotine overuse.

Source: Afif Ramdhasuma

Consuming ZYN Pouches Is Simpler

Ease of use is one of the main reasons why ZYN pouches are more popular than dipping tobacco, especially among the youth. To take a ZYN pouch properly, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the ZYN can
  2. Take a nicotine pouch
  3. Place it between your upper lip and gums
  4. Wait for the nicotine kick
  5. Throw away the pouch once you’re done

Since nicopods are dry, your mouth produces less saliva than with the moist tobacco drip. The absence of tobacco also means you can safely swallow ZYN spit, which will then enter your digestive system and potentially add to the buzz.

Source: ZYN

Since there is no spitting, taking nicopods is far less messy than using Copenhagen dipping tobacco. You don’t have to get your fingers dirty either because the nicotine powder is prepackaged into pouches. The absence of tobacco also ensures you won’t have to worry about teeth discoloration. 

As a result, ZYN pouches are more discreet and easier to take in public. With the pouches’ mini format, the people around won’t even notice you’re consuming them. That level of privacy would be impossible with dipping tobacco. 

While swallowing ZYN spit is fine, make sure not to overuse the pouches—ingesting too much nicotine can lead to various unintended effects, including: 

Before taking a pouch, you should also check the expiration date on the ZYN can. While nicopod ingredients don’t go bad, the potency of the nicotine can weaken over time, especially with exposure to light and oxygen. 

ZYN Pouches vs. Copenhagen—Ingredients

Besides nicotine, ZYN contains only food-grade ingredients, including:

  • Noncaloric sweeteners—Sugar substitutes that provide sweetness without contributing to tooth cavities and other tooth problems 
  • Flavorings—Fruit, mint, and other artificial aromas that improve the taste of nicopods
  • pH adjusters—They increase the pH levels in your mouth, resulting in faster nicotine absorption
  • Fillers—Gums and plant-based fibers that give pouches volume and structure

The average Copenhagen dip contains tobacco and the following substances

  • Sucralose—Intense sweetener, acting as a counterbalance to the bitter taste of tobacco
  • Salt—Used to extend the shelf life of tobacco and intensify its flavor
  • Water—Provides the necessary moisture for pinching tobacco and makes it feel less coarse in the mouth
  • Binders—Starches and gums that prevent the pinched tobacco from falling apart
  • Artificial flavors—Create a cooling effect and mask tobacco’s natural bitterness
  • Ethyl alcohol—Small amounts used to extract flavor and nicotine out of tobacco leaves during manufacturing 
  • Sodium and ammonium carbonate—Adjust the pH levels to ensure faster nicotine absorption
  • Sodium saccharin—Another strong artificial sweetener

While many ingredients found in ZYN pouches and Copenhagen dip serve similar purposes, the lack of tobacco and moisture makes nicopods safer and easier to use. With no tobacco bitterness, nicotine pouches also offer a wider range of flavors. 

ZYN Versus Dipping—Available Flavors

Regardless of their artificial flavorings, dip products always taste like tobacco, and there’s no way to avoid its strong aroma. As a result, Copenhagen dip varieties rarely extend beyond mint and other cooling flavors, which soften the taste of tobacco. 

ZYN pouches and other tobacco-free products don’t have such limitations—plant fibers and nicotine powder are odorless and tasteless, and all the aroma comes from artificial flavorings. Nicopod brands are free to create pouches that taste like anything from lime to cinnamon. 

For a more detailed comparison of the aromas offered by both brands, check out the table below:

ZYN FlavorsCopenhagen Flavors
Cool Mint

Other nicopod companies are equally inventive. Many of the exciting flavors offered by ZYN’s competitors would never work in a dip product, including: 

  1. Velo Royal Tea—A flowery taste that reminds of Earl Grey tea
  2. Dope Lime Smash—Mint and lime pairing reminiscent of a mojito cocktail
  3. Velo Creamy Coffee—Classic vanilla and coffee combo
  4. Killa Cola—Strong nicotine buzz with the taste of a soft drink
  5. Hit Blueberry—The juicy aroma of fresh blueberries
  6. Klint Pomegranate—Extravagant pomegranate flavor

The taste of tobacco isn’t the main downside of Copenhagen dip. Besides superior flavor, nicotine users are moving to nicopods because of the many health risks associated with chewing and smoking tobacco. 

Source: ZYN

ZYN Versus Dipping—Health Implications

Despite being smoke-free, dipped tobacco is linked to many health problems. The manufacturing of dip and chewed tobacco products involves aging, fermentation, and curing processes that result in the formation of tobacco-specific carcinogens. 

These toxic chemicals dramatically increase the risk of various oral cancers, along with pancreatic and esophageal cancer

Besides cancer, smokeless tobacco products are associated with the following health issues:

Source: Online Marketing

Nicopods are among the newest nicotine products, and their long-term side effects haven’t been sufficiently researched yet. Still, the lack of tobacco in these products ensures nicotine pouches don’t contain tobacco-specific carcinogens, making them a potentially safer way to enjoy a nicotine hit—as long as you use high-quality nicopods.  

  • Zyn Mini Dry Cool Mint 3 Nicotine Pouches

    Zyn Mini Dry Cool Mint

  • Zyn Mini Dry Citrus 3 mg Nicotine Pouches

    Zyn Mini Dry Citrus

  • Zyn Espressino Mini nicotine pouches

    Zyn Espressino Mini Dry

  • White Fox Peppered Mint Nicotine Pouches

    White Fox Peppered Mint

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    10 - 19 $4.60
    20 - 29 $4.50
    30 + $4.30
  • Zyn Espressino Mini nicotine pouches

    Zyn Espressino Extra Strong Mini Dry

  • Kozmo Berry Freak nicotine pouches

    Kozmo Berry Freak

    Range Price
    10 - 19 $3.80
    20 - 29 $3.70
    30 + $3.50
  • White Fox Double Mint Slim Nicotine Pouches

    White Fox Double Mint Slim

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    20 - 29 $4.50
    30 + $4.30
  • White Fox Full Charge Nicotine Pouches

    White Fox Full Charge

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Where To Get The Best Nicotine Pouches

Various regulations have restricted the development of nicotine pouches in the United States, but many EU countries don’t impose such limitations. As a result, EU-based companies have created pouches with superior flavors, nicotine strengths, and moisture. 

Ordering online is the easiest way to purchase EU-manufactured nicopods, but only from trustworthy sellers like SnusBoss—a store run by industry experts with an in-depth knowledge of nicopod manufacturing and quality assurance. 

The site stocks nicotine pouches from various top-level brands, including:

  1. ZYN
  2. Velo
  3. Kurwa
  4. Klint
  5. Hit
  6. White Fox
  7. Killa
  8. Kozmo
  9. Thunder
  10. Skruf
  11. Dope
  12. Snatch
  13. Pablo

At SnusBoss, you can always find high-quality white snus on sale. The store also offers discounts on larger orders and an express shipping option that guarantees delivery in 2–3 business days. 

To get your next batch of nicotine pouches at an excellent price, follow three easy steps:

  1. Visit the online store
  2. Choose your preferred brand, strength, and flavor
  3. Provide shipping and payment info

Featured image source: ZYN