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Velo Creamy Coffee X-Strong


  • Nicotine content: 15.6 mg/g
  • Flavor: Creamy coffee
  • Pouches per tin: 20
  • Weight per pouch: 0,7g
  • Manufacturer: BAT
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Velo Creamy Coffee X-Strong Nicotine Pouches

Nothing says good morning like a cup of coffee and some nicotine, right? Well, if you’re a fan of that particular combo, Velo Creamy Coffee X Strong lets you enjoy it all day long. 

Velo Creamy Coffee X Strong nicopods taste like something only a seasoned barista could cook up. The recognizable freshly brewed coffee aroma gets a dash of vanilla for an ultimate pick-me-up experience. The taste is velvety smooth, with the right amount of sweetness, transporting you to your favorite coffee shop in an instant.

But Velo Creamy Coffee X Strong nicotine pouches aren’t just delicious. Each Creamy Coffee nicopod contains 11 mg of nicotine per pouch (15.6 mg/g), providing you with a kick more powerful than a double shot of espresso. The nicotine buzz will sharpen your focus and get your mind right, making it a perfect morning companion. At the same time, if you’re looking to unwind after a long, hard day at work—30 minutes with Velo Creamy Coffee X Strong will have you feeling Zen.

Speaking of work, these nicopods’ slim format guarantees comfortable and discreet sessions, allowing you to use the pouches wherever and whenever you want without anyone noticing—including at your desk. Velo Creamy Coffee X Strong nicopods are 100% tobacco-free, meaning that all you’re getting is pure nicotine and some food-grade ingredients. They are also spit- and drip-free, won’t harm your health like dip or snus pouches, and will be gentle on your teeth, causing no discoloration or staining, thanks to their tobacco-free formula.

To top things off, each can of Velo Creamy Coffee X Strong contains 20 nicotine pouches, so don’t worry—you’ll have plenty of nicopods to get you through the day. You may even have a few left over for tomorrow!

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 0.07 × 0.07 × 0.02 cm

Extra Strong, Medium, Strong



Strength (mg/g)



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