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Dope Ice Mango Moderate Strong


  • Nicotine strenght: 10mg/g
  • Weight of one pouch: 0.7g
  • Nicotine in one pouch: 7 mg
  • Pouches in one can: 22
  • Flavor: Ice Mango

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DOPE Ice Mango Moderate Strong Nicotine Pouches

DOPE Ice Mango Moderate Strong nicotine pouches are the perfect choice if you’re a fan of tropical flavors and fruity aromas. You will feel like you’ve sunk your teeth into a ripe mango. After the mango flavor hits you, a wave of cool peppermint aroma gently washes over you, leaving you with a refreshing tingle that lingers.

With each nicopod containing 7 mg of nicotine (10 mg/g), you know you’re in for a relaxing and satisfying nicotine hit. The feeling’s not overpowering but also not mild, so you will get a solid buzz. The best thing? You won’t have to wait long for the nicotine hit. Known for their instant-kick technology called DOPE Rush, DOPE Ice Mango Moderate Strong nicopods kick in almost instantly.

When you open the eye-catching, vibrant can, you’ll find 22 slim pouches, each weighing only 0.7 grams, for the most lightweight and comfortable experience. The nicopods are light and tiny, guaranteeing a discreet and chafe-free fit under the lip. Given how small they are, you can rest assured no one around you will know you’re enjoying the nicotine buzz, so feel free to pop a nicopod wherever you want—in a theater, on a plane, or at work.

Unlike traditional snus, DOPE nicopods don’t contain tobacco. Instead, they combine a blend of high-quality food-grade ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. This composition guarantees a clean, satisfying experience without the harsh aftertaste or potential health risks associated with tobacco use. Plus, you can say goodbye to yellow teeth and bad breath and keep your bright smile intact because nicotine pouches don’t require high temperatures for consumption, unlike cigarettes and vapes.

Additional information

Weight 0.029 kg
Dimensions 0.07 × 0.07 × 0.022 cm





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