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Best nicotine pouches

Where to buy nicotine pouches? Well you have just come to the right place to find the best nicotine pouches in the EU! Nicotine pouches have become extremely popular – thanks to their health benefits compared to smoking and regular snus. The best nicotine pouches don’t contain any tobacco whatsoever, so you can forget about nasty tooth discoloration as well as tooth demineralisation.

Snusboss is the leading nicotine pouch site in the EU. Through us, you can easily order all the best brands in the market straight at your door, and our professional customer support is always available when needed. Our offering provides a huge number of different flavors to definitely match all tastes!

We want to offer only the best for you which is why all the brands we represent are guaranteed to be safe. We never sell anything on our site that we would not be happy to use ourselves.

A few more excellent reasons to choose Snusboss:

  • Guaranteed safe products
  • The widest selection in the market
  • Snusboss exclusive products such as the Epic nicotine pouches
  • Fast deliveries
  • Free shipping on orders over 50 €
  • Free shipping B2B orders over 1000 €
  • Always cheerful customer support

Whether you are about to quit smoking or a plain friend of nicotine products, you can stop searching. Snusboss fits everyone like a glove!

How to use nicotine pouches?

Maybe you have never heard about nicotine pouches? No worries – these products are really easy to use. One of the best things about nicotine pouches is that they can be used discreetly and without the unpleasant smell of tobacco. For example, the delicious Dope nicotine pouch slips under your lip unnoticeably at any time!

Once you have found the right product for yourself from the Snusboss’ selections, you will receive your pouches very fast. After that, all you have to do is open the first box, slip the nicotine pouch from the box under your lip and enjoy! There is a wide selection of different flavors available – anything from fresh mint to wild flavor mixes, and new products are continuously added to our selection.

You don’t need any tricks to start using the pouches since all our products are immediately ready to use. They are slightly smaller in size compared to regular snus pouches, and the average usage time of a nicotine pouch is something between 15 and 60 minutes.

Unlike ordinary snus, most nicotine pouches contain no tobacco at all, which is also the reason for the white color of the nicotine pouches. Unlike tobacco products, nicotine pouches don’t discolor teeth, even in heavy use. In addition, the tobacco-free nicotine pouches leave a nice fresh taste in the mouth and your breath won’t have any disgusting smell either. These products really tick all the boxes!

What nicotine pouch brands does Snusboss have?

Snusboss loves different flavors and we want to offer you the widest possible selection. In total, there are almost twenty different brands in our offering, and we are constantly searching for new products. Below you will find a brief introduction of a few of our major manufacturers – these nicotine pouches are fiercely fighting to win the title of the most popular brand!


Epic is our true favorite child – it is Snusboss’ very own brand. This delicious nicotine pouch was developed based on a desire to create the most perfect nicotine pouch in the world. The product has a nice kick but it’s still mild enough to be enjoyed even in the morning together with the first coffee of the day. The delicious aroma tastes clearly but it’s still not too intrusive – a perfect product if you ask us!

Epic can be only found in Snusboss’ selection and we strive to make it even more perfect. This delicacy is definitely not something you want to miss!


Zyn nicotine pouches are one the most popular right now – and no wonder! This pack combines a great flavor with a suitably sized white pouch that sits firmly under your upper lip. Zyn is manufactured by a Swedish tobacco company called Swedish Match, dating all the way back to 1915, thus providing experience and know-how of more than a century!

Zyn is absolutely one of Snusboss’ most popular products and customer feedback speaks for itself – it’s hard to be unhappy with Zyn. It is available in several flavors – and they are definitely worth checking out!


Does the company name British American Tobacco ring any bells? It is the world’s second largest tobacco company, dating back as far as to 1902. Alongside the traditional tobacco products, BAT has also developed new great nicotine products, and now Lyft nicotine pouches are one of the most popular ones among the new options.

Lyft nicotine pouches are tobacco-free white pouches that provide a mind-blowing taste experience. The product is available in six different flavors and Lyft nicotine pouches are produced from environmentally friendly ingredients from Scandinavia. How about testing, for example, the delicious Lyft lime or ice-cool mint?


Lynx nicotine pouches are simply a delicious product springing from the cold forests of Scandinavia. This favorite nicotine pouch leaves a fresh feeling in your mouth and kicks off even the sleepiest day at once. But be careful though – once you test Lynx nicotine pouches you may never give another brand a chance!

White Fox

White Fox nicotine pouches were released in 2019 by a Swedish-based snus manufacturer Gajane. What made the product very special was the fact that the White Fox nicotine pouch was the first completely tobacco-free nicotine pouch. So with this product, you can forget about the discoloration of your teeth and the disgusting taste tobacco products leave in your mouth.

White Fox is one of the most popular nicotine pouches in the market, and the product family is constantly expanding. There are numerous different White Fox nicotine pouch flavors, and more are expected in the future. To top it all, the package is very classy and the pouches shine their snow-white cleanliness!

Other brands

You did not find your favorite yet? No worries – Snusboss’ selection also offers you countless other interesting brands. Big favorites of nicotine pouch lovers include, for example, Killa, Pablo, Snatch, Dope, V&you, Kurwa to go and Ice. The best way to find the right brand for you is to boldly try out different products – so what are you waiting for, put that nicotine pouch under your lip!

Most frequently asked questions

Are nicotine pouches safe to use?

Yes. All the best nicotine pouches in the market, found also in Snusboss selection are guaranteed to be safe to use. Most nicotine pouches contain no tobacco at all, which makes their use even safer.

How much nicotine does a nicotine pouch contain?

One nicotine pouch contains an average of about 4mg of nicotine, but the amount may vary by brand and model. The amount of nicotine is always stated in the product information.

Do nicotine pouches have side effects?

The nicotine pouches we represent are safe, but nicotine is known to be addictive. Other possible symptoms may include sweating, palpitations, weakness or general nausea, but these symptoms are always completely user-specific.

Which nicotine pouches are the best?

You can find the best nicotine pouches by boldly testing different products. There are countless different brands in Snusboss’ selections and different brands, in turn, have many different types of nicotine pouches and different flavors.

Are nicotine pouches legal in the UK?

Yes. Nicotine pouches UK are perfectly legal to order and use. Most nicotine pouches contain less than 4mg of nicotine, which is why they are classified as self-care products instead of regular snus. So, you can order products directly at your door and use them exactly where you want to!

Order nicotine pouches easily online

Has quitting smoking been in your mind for a long time? Are you sick of stained teeth caused by the regular snus? The best nicotine pouches are a great option to anyone – whether you are a real nicotine lover or you want to get rid of smoking and snus.

Snusboss serves thousands and thousands of people across Europe, offering it´s customers the best selection of nicotine pouches in the market. Through us, you can easily order just the right amount of products to suit your taste buds. And the best thing is – we offer free shipping on orders over 50 € and B2B over 1000 €, so consider ordering a bigger amount at once!