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Velo Tropic Breeze


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Velo Tropic Breeze Nicotine Pouches

Velo Tropic Breeze is the perfect option for consumers who enjoy whimsical, fruity flavors. The unique blend of sweet and juicy mangoes, tangerines, passion fruit, and citrus creates a tropical paradise in your mouth. With no additional notes to distract you from this delicate mix of flavors, Velo Tropic Breeze tastes like that perfect mocktail you’d sip on a beach on a scorching hot day. 

Ideal for users seeking moderately strong nicopods, Velo Tropic Breeze packs a welterweight punch with 5.6 mg of nicotine per pouch or 8 mg/g. Each nicopod is designed for a smooth release, ensuring a satisfying buzz that gets better with time thanks to its moist texture and pharma-grade ingredients. Once you pop the Velo Tropic Breeze, you’ll feel a slight tingle, followed by the sharpening of your senses and, finally, a relaxing buzz, eating away at the stress of your daily life.

While potent and relaxing, these pouches don’t contain any traces of tobacco. There are no tobacco leaves, stems, or dust in these nicopods, making them a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional tobacco products. They don’t stain or discolor teeth or cause bad breath, so feel free to use them even if you’re out on a romantic date or talking to your boss.

Velo Tropic Breeze nicopods come neatly packed in a simple, all-white can that fits easily in your pocket or bag. The vibrant orange-colored lettering represents the bright and lively flavors that await you. Each can contains 20 pouches, so a single pack can last more than a day—possibly even two.

The pouches are slim and small, guaranteeing a discreet and comfortable fit under your lip. Once you tuck them in, they give you a long-lasting and enjoyable experience no matter where you are.

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