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Killa Bubblegum


Attribute Information
Brand Killa
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Pouch format Slim
Strength Strong
Flavor Bubblegum
Nicotine content 16 mg/g
Nicotine per pouch 12.8 mg
Content per can 16 gr
Pouches per can 20
Manufacturer NGP Empire

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Range Price
10 - 19 $3.80
20 - 29 $3.70
30 + $3.50
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Killa Bubblegum Nicotine Pouches

With a nicotine content of 16 mg/g, Killa Bubblegum is ideal for experienced users who demand a solid and long-lasting kick from their nicopods. The 12.8 mg of nicotine in each pouch ensures a consistent and satisfying nicotine hit every time. Its moist texture and optimal pH levels allow for a fast and efficient release of nicotine, giving users an instant boost of energy and focus. 

Killa Bubblegum nicotine pouches are available in a slim format that guarantees a comfortable and discreet fit between your upper lip and gum. They’re virtually undetectable to others, making them perfect for use in any social or public setting. The pouches’ soft material also ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience for your gums. 

Beyond its potency and practicality, Killa Bubblegum stands out for its fun and flavorful bubblegum taste. It’s a treat for your senses with its sweet and fruity notes that let you enjoy the nicotine rush without any harsh tobacco taste. The bubbly flavor adds a playful touch to your nicotine experience, making it more enjoyable and exciting. 

Killa Bubblegum is entirely tobacco-free, unlike regular snus and dip pouches that use tobacco to deliver the nicotine kick. It has no tobacco leaves, stems, or dust, providing a safer and cleaner experience while significantly reducing the risk of side effects associated with smoking, vaping, or classic snus. The pouches contain pharma-grade nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant, guaranteeing a pleasant nicotine experience without teeth stains, bad breath, or gum irritation. 

Killa Bubblegum nicopods come in stylish and convenient pocket-sized cans adorned with the eye-catching skull logo, perfectly capturing the potency and boldness of the Killa brand. Each can of Killa Bubblegum packs 20 nicotine pouches, weighing 0.8 g, to ensure you have enough to last you throughout the day. 

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 0.07 × 0.07 × 0.022 cm




Strength (mg/g)



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