Vape Coil

Vape coil is a metal that is wrapped around vape’s wicking material; it heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. Vape coils are responsible for the quality of the vapor. Vape coils should be replaced at least once a month, once a week if you vape often. The main types of vape coils are regular and mesh coils. Vape coil types determine the quality and quantity of vapor. For choosing a suitable vape coil, pay attention to your device, budget, e-liquid, nicotine content in the e-liquid, and the vapor that you wish for. This article will give you an overview of vape coils, vape coil types and how to choose them.

What is a Vape Coil?

A vape coil is a metal that is wrapped around vape’s wicking material. The power source heats the vape coil and this heats the wick. Wick is soaked in e-liquid and produces vapor when heated. The necessity of vape coils for vape is that they help to produce vapor. The better the vape coil the better is the quality of the vaping experience.

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What does a Coil do in a Vape?

Coil heats up the e-liquid in a vape- that is the answer to the question what does a coil do in a vape. Coil is responsible for the balance and overall quality of the vapor produced. Good coils have the best temperature control and even heating of the e-liquid.

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How is a Vape Coil compared to Atomizers?

Vape coil is a part of atomizer; it is the head part of it. Coil for vape is the main part of the vape atomizer. Atomizer is a device for emitting e-liquid out of the vape in the form of vapor.

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What are the different types of Vape Coils?

Different vape coil types are:

  • Vertical coil: Vertical coils are the most common coils. In vertical coils there is a single wrapped wire, in a coil shape running from the bottom of the metal casing to the top. The wicking material is wrapped around it so the air moves through the center of the coil wire.
  • Dual coil: Dual coil is the same as vertical coil type, only there are now two wraps of coil wire side by side. This coil produces more vapor and more heat.
  • Triple coil: Triple coil is the same as vertical coil, but there are now three wires. There is even more vapor and more heat.
  • Multiple coils: Multiple coils means more than three wires (can be 8 or more). This produces massive vape clouds and again the heat is higher.
  • Twisted coils: Twisted coils have multiple strands of wire, wrapped around each other, or braided around each other and then made into a coil. Twisted coil offers a great flavor experience.
  • Mesh coils: This coil involves no single wires but a mesh instead. The flavor is getting even better and the heat is burning.
  • Net coils: A variation on mesh coils, they are very similar but with bigger holes so it looks like a fishing net. The taste is the best and also the vapor is the hottest.

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What are Vape Coils made of?

Vape coils are made of:

  • Kanthal: First coil material used. It works with power mode.
  • Nichrome: Faster heating alternative to kanthal. Only usable in power mode.
  • Titanium: The most luxurious option, used with people who have severe nickel allergies, flammable at certain heat. It works with temperature control vapes. 
  • Stainless steel: The safest option for vape coils (no allergies) and it has a long lifespan. It works with both temperature control and power mode vapes.
  • Nickel: Nickel in vape coil makes it softer (more difficult to work with), but it helps with heating the liquid quicker. Only works with temperature control devices. 

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How to Choose the Right Vape Coil for you?

Follow these steps for choosing the right vape coil for you:

  • Price range: set a price that you would be comfortable paying for.
  • Device details: Find out which vape coils can be used with your device.
  • Nicotine content: If you wish for lower nicotine content then sub ohm vape is for you. 
  • E-liquid: make sure which vape coils work with your chosen e-liquid. It is important because higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content needs a higher temperature and higher power for vaporizing. 
  • Vapor amount and quality: According to previous choices choose the best vape coils among those choices that are left.

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What is a Sub Ohm Vape Coil?

Sub ohm vape coil is a device that has a resistance reading of below 1 ohm. This vape coil produces large vapor clouds. They can work from 30-120W+, depending on the specific coil, so they really need a lot of power. It also means that the sub ohm vape coil is hotter and produces vapor clouds faster. Sub ohm vape coils need to be used with lower nicotine levels (otherwise the hit is unpleasant). With sub ohm vape coils is better if VG (vegetable glycerin) level is higher 70% or so, because then the vapor is better and there is no unpleasant throat hit.

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What is a regular Vape Coil?

A regular vape coil is a round wire coil. Regular vape coil is made of single or multiple pieces of metal wire that are wrapped around a cotton wick in a spiral. What material the wire is, how thick, how many layers – that is what will influence the flavor and the quality of the vapor. Regular vape coils are a subcategory of coils, the other subcategory of coils is mesh coils, they consist of mesh as the name hints.

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When to replace a Vape Coil?

You need to replace a vape coil at least once a month. If you vape more than a few times a day for 5 minutes, and do not do proper coil priming then it will not last for that long. Vape coils need to be properly primed in order for the coil to last longer and the vapor to have better taste and quality. Signs that you need to change vape coil are: burnt or weird taste, less vapor, dark e-liquid, excess liquid, flashing warning signs, and dry hits. When these things happen then you should clean the device, prime a new vape coil and install it.

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Can you clean a Vape Coil?

Yes, you can clean your vape coil. But it really does not help to prolong the lifespan of the coil. You may wish to do it if you have used unpleasant e-liquid. But you really cannot get it completely clean, there will be some remains on the wick. The wise thing is to have a proper priming when it is time to change your coil so the new coil would last longer, produce better tasting vapor with better quality. 

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How long can Vape Coil last?

Vape coils can last up to one month, but less when used often. If you use the vape a few times a day for up to 5 minutes then your vape coil should last for one month. But when you smoke more often then you will burn through the vape coil faster. It is also necessary to maintain your vape to prolong the coil’s lifespan. It means properly cleaning and priming the new coil every time you change the coil. 

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Why do you need to Prime a New Coil?

You need to prime a new coil so the vape would work longer, taste better, and have better vapor quality. Priming a new coil is essential for the vape to work, otherwise the wicking material or dirt might burn. Priming new vape coils will stop coils from burning the wick and also coil itself, it means that properly primed coils will last for a longer time period.  Priming a new coil will keep the quality of the vapor better because the coil will be working in full capacity as it is designed to. When you do not prime a vape coil then it will heat the e-liquid unevenly and give a burnt taste from burnt dirt and wicking material. This means that priming a new coil will give you better quality, taste and more for your money (no need to buy new coils so often).

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Do Vape coils exist in Disposable Vapes?

Yes, disposable vapes have coils. All vapes have coils, that is what creates the vapor. But the disposable vapes have single usage closed system coils. Which means you use it until it runs out and then dispose of it in a designated spot. There is no need to maintain or prime the coil as it is with reusable vapes.