How to Store Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are being used and loved for their excellent flavor selection and easy maintenance. You can use nicotine pouches practically anywhere. But it is important to note that nicotine pouches contain different chemicals and chemicals often have a shelf life when combined with other substances. The same thing is with nicotine pouches, nicotine pouches expire, they should be used in 52 weeks since production date. In case of nicotine pouches the expiration means that quality has fallen below the level that consumers would be happy with. This article will give you an overview about nicotine pouches’ expiration and tips on how to store nicotine pouches. 

Here are 6 tips to store nicotine pouches:

  1. Keep Nicotine Pouches in the Original Package: to minimize oxidation and light impacts.
  2. Store Nicotine Pouches at the Right Temperature: to keep the moisture levels.
  3. Use the Fridge to Keep Freshness: to keep the moisture levels and avoid light.
  4. Avoid Storing Nicotine Pouches in a Moist Area: to avoid mold.
  5. Check Nicotine Pouches Expiry Date: to avoid using bad quality products.
  6. Store Nicotine Pouches Neatly: to have an overview over your supplies and their condition.

Read on to find out a more detailed description of nicotine pouches’ storage.

1. Keep Nicotine Pouches in the Original Package

Keep nicotine pouches in the original package means not storing them anywhere else, keeping them in the tin they came in.  It helps to avoid drying or oxidization of the pouches. It also help to make sure that nicotine pouches do not get too much light, and that is important due to the photosensitivity of nicotine. Keeping nicotine pouches in the original package helps the longevity of nicotine pouches.

2. Store Nicotine Pouches at the Right Temperature

Store nicotine pouches at the right temperature means keeping them at room temperature 64.4 °F to 71.6°F (18° C to 22° C). This temperature is optimal to preserve their moisture levels at an even level. It is important for preserving nicotine pouch shelf life.

3. Use the Fridge to Keep Freshness

Use the fridge to keep freshness means storing your nicotine pouch supplies in a fridge. It will help to prolong your nicotine pouch tin’s lives because it will help to keep the moisture levels of nicotine pouch higher. It will also help to keep your nicotine pouches away from light which is important due to the photosensitivity of nicotine. 

4. Avoid Storing Nicotine Pouches in a Moist Area

Avoid storing nicotine pouches in a moist area means not keeping them in moist basements, most pantries or other spots that are overly moist. Avoid storing nicotine pouches in a moist area is important to avoid mold particles getting from moist areas getting to the nicotine pouches. Also, overly moist areas contribute to bacteria infestations and it is better for your health to avoid it. It also helps to keep nicotine pouches better preserved.

5. Check Nicotine Pouches Expiry Date

Check Nicotine pouches expiry date means checking the back of the nicotine pouch tins to see when nicotine pouches expire. It is important for organizing nicotine pouch tins. You need to use the ones that have a closer expiration date to avoid any nicotine pouch tins expiring. It will help to keep your nicotine pouch supplies organized and without the need to throw away expired nicotine pouch tins.

6. Store Nicotine Pouches Neatly

Store nicotine pouches neatly means storing them in an organized way so you will have an overview over your supplies. This way you can organize the older nicotine pouches to the front and fresher to the back. To first use older nicotine pouches so there would not be a need to throw away expired nicotine pouch tins. It will also help you make sure that there is no water, mold or something else that might ruin nicotine pouches in the storage area. 

Read on to learn about the lasting time of nicotine pouches.

How long do Nicotine Pouches last?

Nicotine pouches last for 1 year (52 weeks). It means that after that period the quality of the nicotine pouch is not the same anymore. Which means that using the nicotine pouch does not give the same enjoyment.

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Read on to learn what happens when nicotine pouches expire.

What happens when Nicotine Pouches expire?

When nicotine pouches expire then they get a slightly yellow hue. Nicotine turns yellowish brownish over time. Also, the moisture will vaporize from nicotine pouches so they will get dry. The taste will go weaker until eventually disappearing. Nicotine is photosensitive and will fade away over the course of time.  The smell of nicotine pouches will fade away. Nicotine pouches lose their quality and effects over the course of time, when the expiration date hits you will start to notice the quality fading.

Read on to find out what are the effects of consuming expired nicotine pouches.

What is the effect of consuming expired Nicotine Pouch?

The effect of consuming expired nicotine pouch will not be anything big. But the pleasure will be gone. The nicotine pouch has lost its moistness which means that the ingredients would have lost their effect, freshness and taste. Also, since nicotine is photosensitive then it probably has lost its chemical attributes due to light unless it has been kept in total darkness. Some light particles will always get through the plastic tin. Due to moisture loss, oxidation and photosensitivity the average lasting time is 52 weeks. So it is ok if you use expired nicotine pouches, but the experience will be more like eating stale bread compared to the fresh out of the oven bread. 

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Read on to find out how to find and read the expiry date of nicotine pouches.

Where to find the expiry date of Nicotine Pouches?

The expiry date of nicotine pouches is on the bottom of the tin. But there are a few things to pay attention to. The date format is different for the U.S. and Europe. In the U.S. it is month, day, year. In Europe the format is different: day, month, year.

Read on to learn how many pouches per day is safe.

How many Nicotine Pouches a Day?

To know how many nicotine pouches a day follow these steps. Firstly, calculate the safe daily amount of nicotine by multiplying your weight (in kg-s) with 0,3 then you will get the safe daily nicotine amount. Secondly calculate how much nicotine out of the chosen pouches gets absorbed with the smallest percentage (10%) by multiplying nicotine content per pouch with 0,1. Thirdly, calculate how much nicotine gets absorbed into your body with a high absorption percentage by multiplying nicotine content per pouch with 0,2. Fourthly get the maximum pouch amount dividing safe daily nicotine dosage by the second step’s answer. Fifthly get the safest nicotine pouch amount by dividing the safe daily nicotine dosage with the answer from step 3. Finally, you see the safest maximum amount of nicotine pouches to use per day.

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Read on to find out details about reusing nicotine pouches.

Can Nicotine Pouches be reused?

No, nicotine pouches cannot be reused. Firstly, reusing nicotine pouches would mean that the nicotine release would not be effective. Nicotine and other substances are designed to be in nicotine pouches for single usage. When you reuse nicotine pouches it will mean that you get much less and uneven dosage of nicotine. Secondly, the flavors and consistency of the bag would not be pleasant. As previously said nicotine pouches components are designed to be for single use. The flavor you get from reusing nicotine pouches is equal to chewing and already chewed chewing gum. There is no quality in flavor or texture, a completely unpleasant experience. Thirdly, since it has already come in contact with your saliva and the bacteria present in your mouth (yes, we all have it for both good and bad reasons) which means nicotine pouches are contaminated and cause health problems for you. Fourthly, although it is more likely that there is not enough nicotine there is also an option from chemical reactions that you get an nicotine overdose or bad reaction to nicotine. Although you might have financial reasons why you might think of reusing nicotine pouches then in the long run you ruining your health with reusing nicotine pouches will be more expensive. Snusboss offers a large variety of nicotine pouches for all price points, have a look around and you might find a new favorite for half the price.