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GOAT Crystal Ice #16


Attribute Information
Brand GOAT
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Pouch format Slim
Strength Strong
Flavor Mint
Nicotine content 16.4 mg/g
Nicotine per Pouch 11.5 milligrams
Pouches per Tin 20
Country of Origin Czech Republic
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GOAT Crystal Ice

Goat Crystal Ice is your first choice if you are looking for the ultimate mint experience. These nicotine pouches are a real highlight for all mint lovers. They offer a refreshing and long lasting effect that will delight you.

Goat Crystal Ice stands out with its intense but balanced flavor. The combination of cool menthol and a hint of eucalyptus provides a unique taste experience that invigorates your senses.

The pouches are designed to fit comfortably under your lip. This allows you to enjoy the full flavor without the pouches being noticeable. The sustained release of nicotine provides a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction, making them the ideal companion for your active lifestyle.

Additional information

Weight 0.028 kg
Dimensions 0.07 × 0.07 × 0.022 cm


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