Offering a potent yet flexible nicotine experience with various flavors and strengths, nicotine pouches are tobacco- and smoke-free and allow for discreet use virtually anywhere.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might be tempted to try and make your own nicotine pouches at home. While this may seem like a creative, cost-effective, and convenient alternative, nicopod-making is actually a complicated and demanding process.

This detailed guide explains how to make nicotine pouches and why it’s best to leave this task to the professionals for your safety as well as pleasure.

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Why You Should Not Make Nicotine Pouches at Home

Creating nicotine pouches is a complex process that requires special equipment and knowledge in handling potentially hazardous ingredients. While it may seem simple to mix nicotine with other ingredients and pack them into a small pouch, several factors make this process challenging and potentially dangerous:  

Nicotine handlingAs a potentially toxic substance, nicotine can be harmful if not handled by professional nicotine pouch manufacturers. They use safety measures and special equipment for nicopod production, while you, as an amateur, typically don’t have access to the same resources
Consistency and quality controlFor the production of high-quality pouches, you must adhere to strict manufacturing standards and know the exact recipe. Without proper skill and knowledge, you can’t achieve the same level of consistency and quality as professional manufacturers
Hygiene and contaminationNicotine pouches must be made in a sterile environment to prevent any potential health risks. At home, it’s hard to maintain the same level of hygiene and avoid contamination
Legal implicationsNicopod production and sale require proper licensing and compliance with regulations. Making and distributing pouches without appropriate authorization can lead to legal consequences

While DIY nicopod-making methods may seem appealing, the risks involved are not worth it. Professional manufacturers have a level of expertise and resources to make premium and safe products.

How Do Professionals Make Nicopods?

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During the nicopod production process, manufacturers follow a specific set of steps to ensure high quality and consistency of the final product:

  1. Nicotine extraction
  2. Ingredient mixing and flavor blending
  3. Moisture control
  4. Pouch filling, packaging, and labeling
  5. Quality control

Nicotine Extraction

Professional nicopod makers extract nicotine from tobacco leaves by using a solvent—usually ethanol—to separate nicotine from other plant materials. This process is done with specialized equipment and expertise. After ensuring it’s pure and safe to use, the manufacturers refine nicotine to pharmaceutical-grade quality.

Some manufacturers use lab-created synthetic nicotine made by rearranging the molecular structure of other compounds. This results in an identical version of the natural nicotine found in tobacco plants without the use of biomaterials.

Ingredient Mixing and Flavor Blending

Nicotine pouch manufacturers use food-grade flavorings and essential oils to create their delicious products. Popular flavors include:

  • Mint
  • Citrus
  • Berry
  • Cinnamon
  • Wintergreen
  • Coffee

The flavorings are mixed with the extracted nicotine and other ingredients, such as:

  • Plant fibers—They hold the other ingredients in place and help deliver nicotine evenly. Common plant fibers used in nicopods are pine and eucalyptus
  • Sweeteners—They’re used to enhance the flavor. Acesulfame K is a popular choice for nicotine pouches
  • Stabilizers—They bind the ingredients together and maintain pouch consistency. Hydroxypropyl cellulose, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol are commonly used in nicopods
  • pH adjusters—They maintain the pH level of the pouch to ensure optimal nicotine release. The most common options are sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate
  • Water—It adds moisture to the pouch and accelerates nicotine and flavor release 

Mixing all these substances requires precision and expertise to ensure the final product is consistent in flavor and potency. The exact recipe and ratio of ingredients vary among manufacturers, giving each brand its unique flavor profile. 

Moisture Control

The moisture content in a pouch affects its texture and nicotine release. Based on their moisture level, there are two types of pouches—dry and moist:

  • Dry pouches have a lower moisture level, resulting in a more brittle texture and slower nicotine release. They last longer and allow for an even and consistent nicotine experience
  • Moist pouches have a higher moisture level, resulting in a softer texture and faster nicotine release. They provide a stronger initial kick of nicotine but may require more frequent use

Professional manufacturers use specialized equipment to control and maintain the level of moisture in each pouch, ensuring consistent texture and nicotine release.

Pouch Filling, Packaging, and Labeling

The next step in the production process is filling the pre-portioned pouches with the nicotine mixture. There are three main types of pouches based on their size:

Pouch SizeDescription
MiniThe smallest size that typically carries the least amount of nicotine
SlimSlightly larger than mini pouches and the most popular size in the industry
LargeThe largest size with the highest nicotine content

The mini and slim pouches are discreet and don’t create a noticeable bulge under the upper lip. The large pouches provide a more intense nicotine experience and are suitable for experienced users.

After filling, the pouches are sealed and packaged into sleek and convenient cans. A single can of nicotine pouches contains 20–22 pouches, depending on the brand and size. Each one is labeled with the brand name, flavor, nicotine strength, and health warning labels per regulatory guidelines. 

Quality Control Checks

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As the final step, each batch of pouches undergoes rigorous quality control checks. These include tests for nicotine potency, moisture levels, and flavor consistency cross-checked with the established industry standards. Pouches that don’t meet the required specifications are discarded, so only high-quality products reach the market.

For a pleasant experience with nicopods, it’s best to get commercially available products that have undergone rigorous testing and quality control. That way, you can be sure they’re safe to use and potent. To ensure your safety and satisfaction, only buy nicotine pouches from reputable vendors.

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Buy Top-of-the-Shelf Nicotine Pouches for the Best Experience

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SnusBoss sells premium-quality nicotine pouches from the EU, which meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and potency. Its industry experts have years of experience selecting and supplying the best nicotine pouches at affordable prices. SnusBoss offers products of varying strengths and flavors from many brands, including:

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SnusBoss offers express shipping, ensuring you receive your pouches within 2–3 days. You can also get free shipping on bulk orders above $249 and benefit from regular promotions and reward programs.

To place an order on SnusBoss:

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How Long Have Nicotine Pouches Been Around?

Nicopods have been around for over two decades. The first nicotine pouch was developed in the early 2000s by Niconovum, but the idea originated in Sweden. In 2014, Swedish Match introduced the first commercially available nicotine pouch to the U.S. market under the brand name ZYN

Since then, more companies—including British American Tobacco, Altria, and Japan Tobacco International—have joined the market, offering nicopods in a variety of flavors and strengths. 

Unlike regular snus and dip pouches, nicopods don’t require chewing or spitting, making them more discreet and convenient. Being smoke-free, they can reduce many risks associated with smoking and vaping, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Lung cancer
  • Respiratory issues
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Precautions To Take When Using Nicotine Pouches

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Using nicotine pouches excessively can lead to many side effects, including elevated heart rate and blood pressure, heartburn, and hiccups. Follow the recommended guidelines, and take a 1–2 hour break between pouches.

Keep in mind that nicopods contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance that can lead to dependence if consumed irresponsibly and too often. You should also avoid nicotine pouches if you are:

  • Below 21 years of ageNicotine affects adolescent brain development and can harm the parts that control attention, learning, mood, and memory
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding—Women who use nicotine products during pregnancy risk complications such as stillbirth, premature birth, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Children exposed to nicotine through breast milk can develop respiratory problems, asthma, bone fractures, and infant colic
  • Suffering from cardiovascular diseases—Nicotine can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline levels. This can worsen pre-existing heart conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and irregular heartbeat

If you have any underlying conditions (e.g., diabetes), consult a healthcare professional. They can help you understand how nicotine may affect your health. If you have never used nicotine pouches before, it would be best to avoid them altogether.

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Are Nicotine Pouches FDA-Approved?

The manufacturing, labeling, advertising, and selling of nicotine pouches are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) under the Tobacco Control Act. In 2016, the regulatory body disincentivized any further development of nicopods in the U.S. by classifying them as smokeless tobacco products. 

Since then, nicopod recipes have been monitored for quality, safety, and consistency. U.S. manufacturers must undergo a pre-market evaluation, which significantly complicates the development process.

Keep in mind that the FDA hasn’t approved any nicotine pouch products for use as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) method. If you want to quit nicotine, the FDA approves the following products:

  1. Nicotine gum
  2. Nicotine lozenges
  3. Nicotine patches
  4. Nicotine nasal spray
  5. Nicotine inhalers

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