HHC and THC both originate from the cannabis plant. HHC is a semi-synthetic product created from THC. HHC has two extra hydrogen atoms compared to the THC. They are both illegal in many places and need to be used with careful consideration for your health. HHC vs. THC has no exact comparison at the moment due to the small amount of research that has been done with HHC. The difference between THC and HHC is that THC has been studied for years and has been used medically in some cases for pain relief and anti-nausea medication. HHC cannabinoid is a bit of an unknown substance at the moment due to its illegal status in many countries and states in the USA.

This article will give you insight into HHC and THC.

What is HHC?

HHC is a hexahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid that is present naturally in the cannabis plant but it is considered semi-synthetic.It is used as a medicine and for intoxication. As a medicine it helps with some health problems – pain and feeling of sickness. But since HHC cannabinoid is addictive and also listed as a medical substance then it needs to be consumed carefully. If used for intoxication then HHC weed should also be treated carefully and with awareness of its harmfulness.

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Where does HHC Come from?

HHC is synthesized from THC. In 1947, Roger Adams patented the process of combining delta-THC with hydrogen atoms to make HHC. HHC is essentially THC with two extra hydrogen atoms.

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How is HHC Used?

HHC is used in nicotine products, foods and drinks, tinctures, and medicines. HHC is used in vapes and also hemp flowers that are covered with HHC to deliver a better buzz. HHC is used in gummies, sweets, and different drinks to deliver a buzz without the harmfulness of smoking or vaping. HHC is used in different tinctures to deliver some medical effects or a plain buzz. HHC is used in medicines- tablets and capsules to help with different ailments or just deliver a pleasant buzz.

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How do you Feel when you Take HHC?

When you take HHC you feel a bit intoxicated. It will elevate your mood. Some people feel a bit euphoric. HHC will make you feel more relaxed. HHC will also alert your senses, so you will be more sensitive to outside output (vision, hearing). HHC is quite a pleasurable feeling.

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How can HHC Benefit your Health?

HHC can benefit your health in following ways:

  • Pain relief: preliminary research has shown that HHC has pain relieving effects. 
  • Anxiety relief: HHC relieves anxiety and temporarily improves the mood. 
  • Anti-inflammatory: some research has shown that in certain cases HHC shows anti-inflammatory effects.

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What are the Best HHC Products?

The best HHC products are:

  • Gummies: The best and most popular HHC products are gummies, because they do not include smoke or vape and come in all kinds of delicious flavors.
  • Cookies: Cookies are the second best HHC product because they are a delicious snack with an awesome buzz effect.
  • Vapes: Vape e-liquids that contain HHC are becoming more and more popular by the day, there are also a lot of flavor options available for different HHC e-liquids.
  • Tinctures: Tinctures are the fourth best HHC product, they have a different target group then the first products so they are a product category that stands alone and gives a healthier option for HHC consumption.

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Is HHC Illegal?

HHC is legal in some amounts and consistencies but it differs between regions. For example HHC is legal in products in Texas that contain less than 0,3% of THC. The Farm Bill has the similar effect in California; the THC content is limited to 0,3%. In several European countries HHC is illegal. Make sure before traveling what is the current state of HHC legality in a country you are traveling to at the moment, since the laws are constantly changing.

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Do Vape Products Contain HHC Substances?

Yes, some vape products contain HHC substances, but vapes that fall in this category are specialty products and are labeled as such. Vaping HHC is becoming constantly more and more popular.

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What is THC?

THC is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol that is present in the cannabis plant; it is also a psychoactive ingredient. It is naturally present in cannabis. 

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Where does THC Come from?

THC comes from the cannabis plant; it is naturally present in the cannabis. Cannabis originates from central Asia and western China. First documents about the cannabis plant come from 2800 BC. 

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How is THC Used?

THC is used by vaping, smoking, applying on the body, eating, and as tinctures. People use THC for smoking to give them the high or for medical reasons. THC is similarly used for vaping to give them the high or for medical reasons. THC products can be applied on the body as creams, oils or other similar products for moisture, skin repairment, or pain relief. THC is usually eaten with sweets (cookies, jellies, brownies) to give them the high or for medical reasons. THC is used as a tincture for medical reasons or to give the user the high.

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How do you Feel when you Take THC?

You feel relaxed and slightly euphoric when you take THC. THC is an addictive and dangerous substance that can also cause paranoia, time distortion and other unpleasant feelings. THC has different effects on people depending on their physiology. THC like nicotine can enhance your alertness and cognitive functions, but it can also calm you down to dizziness. THC can make you feel hungry or speed up your digestion but it can also make you feel sick and constipated. THC can make you feel more confident and sociable with people.

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How can THC Benefit your Health?

THC benefits your health in the following ways:

  • Anxiety relief: THC can relieve someone’s anxiety but it can also increase it depending on the person.
  • Pain relief: THC can relieve pain by interfering with the pain receptors. THC is used with the terminally ill to relieve pain and in some cases nausea.
  • Enhance cognitive functions: THC activates receptors in your brain that enhances the speed of the signals for cognitive functions.

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What are the Best THC Products?

The best THC products are:

  • Sweets: THC sweets help you relax, take away the pain and also make you more sociable.
  • Tinctures: THC tinctures help with different ailments.
  • Vapes: THC vapes will improve your mood, relax and make you more alert.
  • Creams: THC creams will moisturize your skin and help with inflamed spots.

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Is THC Illegal?

THC is legal in some states in the USA. Some states have legalized marijuana has for recreational usage: New York, New Mexico, Nevada and so on. To make sure that THC is allowed in the state where you are traveling, check their official site to get up to date info about the legality of THC. THC-containing products have been legal in Canada since 2018.

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Do Dry Herb Vapes Contain THC?

Yes, dry herb vapes contain THC when you smoke the cannabis flower that contains THC. When you smoke lavender for example then it will not contain THC. Whether your dry herb vape contains THC depends on what dry herbs you smoke.

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Is HHC Stronger than THC?

No, HHC is not stronger than THC. There is little research into which of these two is stronger. At the moment current research suggests that they have similar strength.

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How does HHC compare to THC?

HHC is semi-synthetic production from THC. Difference between THC and HHC is that HHC has two extra hydrogen atoms compared to THC. HHC and THC have similar effects to the user, some research suggest that THC is slightly stronger but since there is little to none research on that then it cannot be taken as a fact. Both of these substances are considered addictive to the user and their legality varies in different states. THC has been more researched and is taken into medical usage in certain cases (pain reliever and anti-nausea drug). HHC vs THC is intriguing but more scientific research needs to be carried out to make science-based objective comparisons. 

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Are HHC and THC the same?

HHC and THC are not the same, but they are very similar. HHC is a semi-synthetic substance produced from THC. THC is naturally present in the cannabis plant. 

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Is HHC Safe for Animals?

No, HHC is not safe for animals. HHC is not meant to be used by animals. Keep HHC away from animals and make sure they do not accidentally get to eat them.  HHC and its effects on animals have not been thoroughly researched but there have been cases where it has made animals sick. It is better to be safe than sorry. Keep HHC away from animals.

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Can THC make you Feel High?

Yes, THC can make you feel high. But not everyone reacts the same way to THC. Some people have a bad reaction to THC and it makes them nervous and increases paranoia. If you want to use THC to get high, start with smaller amounts of THC and take precautions. THC is considered a dangerous and addictive drug.

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Is there a THC E-Liquid?

Yes, THC is in e-liquid if you buy the e-liquid that contains it. Most e-liquids do not contain THC. There are special e-liquids that have a label that says they contain THC.