Vegetable Glycerin E-Liquid

Vegetable Glycerin is a clear, syrupy liquid that has a sweet taste and that is of natural origin. Vegetable glycerin is combustible but getting it to that point will take a lot of effort. It is most commonly made of soybean, coconut or palm oils, it is mostly produced in Indonesia.  

The purpose of vegetable glycerin is to sweeten, moisten, dissolve and combine substances, producing vapor clouds, to name some. Vegetable glycerin uses have a lot of different goals and you can truly say it is a multiscale substance. 

The importance of vegetable glycerin in vaping is combining the e-liquid ingredients together, producing large vapor clouds and giving the vapor a sweet taste. All these things make vegetable glycerin vapes more attractive for the consumer which in turn makes profits for vape producing companies. Which all are benefits of using vegetable glycerin in e-liquids. 

In this article you get an overview of vegetable glycerin and vegetable glycerin vapes.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid that has sweet taste and no odor, it is made from soybean, coconut or palm oils. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is combustible but it will take quite a lot of effort to get it to that point. Vegetable glycerin is extremely popular in cosmetics because of its natural origin and moisturizing effects. It is also a popular ingredient in vaping e-liquid because it gives the vapor a sweet taste and produces big vapor clouds. Both of which make vapes attractive to consumers. 

Read on to find out about the purpose of vegetable glycerin.

What is the Purpose of Vegetable Glycerin?

There are many purposes of vegetable glycerin: to add sweetness, combine substances, moisturize, and to dehumidify. Vegetable glycerin uses are: a solvent (dissolve other substances), an emollient (combine other substances), a pharmaceutical agent (moisturize, preserve and so on), and a sweetening agent. Vegetable glycerin is a useful substance that can be used for many different (sometimes opposing) purposes.

Read on to find out about the importance of vegetable glycerin in vaping.

What is the Importance of Vegetable Glycerin in Vaping?

Vegetable glycerin is important for vaping because it combines the e-liquid ingredients together, lengthen shelf-life of e-liquid, add sweetness, it also balances the vapor and increases vapor clouds. Vegetable glycerin vape has emulsified its e-liquid ingredients and that balances the vapor that is produced from it. Vegetable glycerin vape has a longer shelf life due to its dehumidifying effect. Vegetable glycerin vape has a sweet aftertaste and lovely huge vapor clouds.

Read on to learn why exactly vegetable glycerin is an essential component in the manufacturing of e-liquids.

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Why Is Vegetable Glycerin an Essential Component in The Manufacturing of E-Liquids?

Vegetable glycerin is an essential component in the manufacturing of e-liquids because it combines the e-liquid ingredients, gets rid of excess water, produces large vapor clouds, has a sweet taste, and balances the overall experience. Vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol which makes the vapor production more even less sudden. Vegetable glycerin is an emulsifier which means it blends all the ingredients of e-liquid together. Vegetable glycerin gets rid of unwanted moisture and through that adds to the self-life of the e-liquid. Because everyone loves big vapor clouds that is why vegetable glycerin is important for e-liquids. Vegetable glycerin has a naturally sweet taste that makes the vapor sweet and adds to the experience. Vegetable glycerin is important for pre-filled vape devices such as disposable vapes because the sweetness and big clouds are a selling point. Also adding to the shelf life of them means more money for vape companies. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using vegetable glycerin in e-liquids.

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What are the Benefits of using Vegetable Glycerin in E-Liquids?

The benefits of using vegetable glycerin in e-liquids are:

  • Bigger vapor clouds: Vegetable glycerin produces larger and thicker vapor clouds than propylene glycol.
  • Sweet taste: Vegetable glycerin has naturally a sweet taste that adds sweetness to the e-liquid.
  • More balanced experience: Vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol which makes the vapor more balanced and balances the vaping experience through that.
  • More natural: Vegetable glycerin is more natural in origin than propylene glycol.
  • Combiner: Vegetable glycerin combines all the ingredients of e-liquid together.

Read the next question’s answer to find out whether you can use vegetable glycerin to prime a new vape coil.

Can VG be Used to Prime a New Vape Coil?

Yes, VG can be used to prime a new vape coil. But keep in mind that VG (vegetable glycerin) is thicker than PG (propylene glycol) and it will take a longer time to absorb into the prime’s wick. So, if you use VG to prime a new vape coil, let it soak for a much longer time to avoid the wick’s burning.

Read on to learn about the regulations for vegetable glycerin when it comes to vaping.

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How Does Vegetable Glycerin Regulated for Vaping Purposes?

Vegetable Glycerin is Regulated for Vaping Purposes by the FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Its content amount is regulated and also there is age limitation to its consumers age (they need to be at least 21 years old). Because vapes are not recommended as a smoking cessation aid then the regulations are tougher on its components and production than on products that have been approved as smoking cessation aids. 

What Is the Highest VG in Vape Juice?

The highest VG in vaping juice is 90 % (it can be up to 100 %) but then the flavor experience is not that nice and it can also cause build up and clogging the vaping device because of its thickness. The common high level of VG in vape juice is 70%. 

Read on to learn what happens when you inhale vegetable glycerin.

What Happens when You Inhale Vegetable Glycerin?

When you inhale Vegetable Glycerin you will have a strong impact on the throat due to the thickness of the vapor and you also feel a sweet taste. In addition, inhaling vegetable glycerin will harm the throat, irritate and harm lung tissue, and create toxic chemicals. Using vapes that contain vegetable glycerin is not good for your health neither are those that contain propylene glycol. The best thing for your health is to avoid vaping.

Read on to learn about the side effects of vegetable glycerin.

What Are the Side Effects of Vegetable Glycerin?

The side effects of vegetable glycerin are lung inflammation, dry mouth, and sore throat. When vegetable glycerin is heated for vapor and inhaled with other chemicals then they cause lung inflammation due to their toxicity. Vegetable glycerin vapes cause dry mouth because while breathing in vapor you do not produce saliva and your mouth dries from the heated vapor. Vegetable glycerin vapes cause sore throat because of its thickness the vapor is also thicker and will have a larger impact on the throat.

From the next passage you can read why PG and VG ratio is important for vaping.

Why is PG and VG Ratio important in Mixtures for Vaping?

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) ratio is important for vaping because it will determine the flavor, vapor cloud size, stability of vaping, strength and the maintenance of the vaping device. Vegetable glycerin in the e-liquid will make the vapor clouds thicker. VG will also make the experience more evenly spread; PG will make the vaping harsher but the vapor will be unleveled strength wise (sudden bursts of vapor). Since vegetable glycerin is thicker then it will make the vaping machine collect more build up and the device can get clogged easily. Propylene glycol is flavorless and will increase the flavoring of the e-liquid, while vegetable glycerin has a slight sweet taste that will impact the e-liquid flavorings. You will find your own preferred ratio of VG and PG that will make the vaping experience perfect for. Keep in mind that vaping is an unhealthy addictive habit.

The following question’s answer will give you an overview of different PG and VG ratios.

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What are the Different PG and VG Ratios?

Different PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) ratios are:

  • 40 % of VG (or less) and 60 % of PG (or more): the vape of this ratio will have a strong throat hit, not noticeable sweetness, strong but not well combined flavor experience, and small vapor clouds.
  • 50 % of VG and 50 % of PG: the vape of this ratio will have a medium throat hit, sweet taste, average and combined flavor experience, medium vapor clouds.
  • 60 % of VG (or more) and 40 % of PG (or less): the vape of this ratio will have a small throat hit, noticeable sweetness, well combined but not strong flavor experience, massive vapor clouds.

Read on to find out whether you can use pure VG e-liquid in vape.

Can I Use Pure VG E-Liquid in Vape?

Yes, it is possible to use pure VG e-liquid in vape. But it is not recommended, because vegetable glycerin (VG) is much thicker than propylene glycol and that makes the hit on the throat harsher and will also destroy your vape (build up, harder to heat up). Although it is possible to use pure VG in e-liquid it is not endorsed.

In the following question’s answer, you can read whether vegetable glycerin is safe to vape. 

Is Vegetable Glycerin Safe to Vape?

Vegetable glycerin is safe to vape. Otherwise, their sales would be banned in the USA by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).  But because it is quite thick then it is recommended to dilute it with propylene glycol so it would not be that harsh on the throat and cause build up in the vape. Vegetable glycerin vapes are considered to be safer than propylene glycol vapes because they are less allergenic.

Read on to find out if vaping is worse than smoking cigarettes.

Is Vaping Worse than Smoking Cigarettes?

No, vaping is not worse than smoking cigarettes. Both vaping and smoking cigarettes are bad for your health and harm your body. At the same time vaping does not include any burnt tobacco and smoke which are present in smoking cigarettes. Burnt tobacco and smoke are the main cause for the majority of illnesses connected with nicotine consumption. Vegetable glycerin vape will be harsh to your throat because of its thickness. It is best to avoid both smoking cigarettes and vaping for your health.

Read on to learn about e-liquid.

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What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid is the liquid inside the vape that turns into vapor when heated. It contains nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG). Different propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) proportions make the vapor different. The e-liquid that contains larger amounts of vegetable glycerin is mellower and produces more vapor clouds, propylene glycol makes the impact on the throat stronger and enhances flavors, it also makes the liquid less thick. E-liquid determines your vaping experience. It is important to choose a suitable e-liquid for you to get the best possible experience.

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