How Chantix is Used?

Chantix is a brand of varenicline that can help you quit smoking tobacco products. Chantix research started in 1993 in Pfizer laboratories. In 2006 Chantix was approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a smoking cessation aid. Varenicline tablets can only be purchased with a prescription and should be used for 12 weeks maximum. There has been some controversy about the fact that high doses of N-nitroso-varenicline cause cancer. So, Chantix that is allowed to be sold in the USA needs to contain 37 or less nanograms of N-nitroso-varenicline in the daily dosage. Common side effects of Chantix are nausea, headaches and diarrhea. To find out more detailed info about Chantix read through the following article.

What is Chantix?

Chantix (varenicline) is a partial agonist selective for a4ß2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes used for cessation of smoking. Chantix is a brand of varenicline that can help you quit smoking tobacco products. Chantix is in tablet form and you need a prescription to buy it. You consume it in regular intervals according to the doctor’s instructions. Chantix was designed to help with smoking cessation. Pfizer started developing Chantix in 1993. Chantix was originally approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in 2006 for use in adults as an aid to smoking cessation treatment.

Read on to learn how Chantix helps smokers quit.

How does Chantix Help Smokers to Quit?

Chantix binds to the receptors in your brain where nicotine normally goes. Because of the drug’s presence, nicotine cannot attach to these brain receptors and cause the drop in dopamine that creates nicotine cravings. The goal is to wean your brain off nicotine, so when you pick a date to quit, you do not experience unpleasant side effects. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved Chantix as a method of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) but it must not contain more than 37 nanograms of N-nitroso-varenicline in a daily dosage.

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Read on to learn the instructions of using Chantix.

How Chantix is Used?

Chantix is used in the following way:

  • For the first three days the recommended dose of Chantix is 0.5 mg. 
  • For days 4 – 7 0.5 mg twice daily.
  • For days 8 – 84 1 mg twice daily.
  • Duration of therapy is 12 weeks (84 days).

Read on to find out about the safety of Chantix.

Is Chantix Safe to Use?

Chantix is safer than using nicotine products or smoking. There are some limitations to Chantix strength and the medication is closely followed by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) to check its safety. Chantix is a medication and should be only used according to instructions. 

Read on about the Varenicline side effects.

What Are Varenicline Side Effects?

Varenicline (Chantix) side effects are:

  • nausea (may last for several months),
  • stomach pain,
  • indigestion,
  • constipation,
  • gas,
  • vomiting,
  • headaches,
  • weakness,
  • tiredness,
  • unusual dreams,
  • sleep problems (insomnia),
  • headache, dry mouth, or
  • unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Read on to find out who Chantix is designed for.

Who is Chantix for?

Chantix is for people who are addicted to smoking or nicotine products and need help in order to quit using those products. Nicotine is a highly addictive and harmful substance and the best thing for your health would be not to use any nicotine products.

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Read on to find out who should not be using Chantix.

Who should Not Use Chantix?

People with a known history of serious hypersensitivity reactions or skin reactions to Chantix should not use it. People who are younger than 18 should not use Chantix and neither should pregnant or breastfeeding women use Chantix.

Read on about the ingredients of Chantix.

What is Chantix Made of?

Chantix is made of (ingredients):

  • Varenicline (as the tartrate salt) – that is a partial nicotinic agonist selective for α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes;
  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate;
  • Croscarmellose sodium;
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Opadry® White (for 0.5 mg), Opadry® Blue (for 1 mg);
  • Opadry® Clear.

Read on to find out about the benefits of using Chantix.

What are the Benefits of Using Chantix?

The benefits of using Chantix are:

  • Stop smoking: Chantix helps you stop smoking.
  • Stop using nicotine products: Chantix helps you quit using nicotine products.
  • Strict regime: The strict regime of Chantix helps you gain your goal.
  • Nicotine free: Chantix is nicotine free and you are not using nicotine products anymore.
  • Success rate: People who use Chantix have a 41% success rate compared to the placebo group that had 6% success rate.

After finding out about the benefits of using Chantix it is wise to also read about the limitations of using Chantix.

What are Limitations of Using Chantix?

The limitations of using Chantix are:

  • Alcohol: you should avoid alcohol when using Chantix.
  • Nicotine products: you should avoid using nicotine products when using Chantix it might cause some harm to your health.
  • Drugs: do not use illegal drugs while taking Chantix and if you wish to take some medication or vitamins/minerals then discuss it with the medical specialist to avoid harm for your health. Some medications do not combine well together and cause harm to the user’s health.

Read to find out when you should stop using Chantix.

When should you Stop Using Chantix?

You should stop using Chantix when the side effects of Chantix get too serious or you are not able to handle them anymore. Then contact your doctor and ask for advice on what you should do.

Read on to find out about the right way of storing Chantix.

What is the Right Way of Storing Chantix?

Chantix should be stored at 25ºC (77ºF); excursions permitted to 15–30ºC (59–86ºF). Chantix should be stored out of reach of children and animals. Chantix should be kept out of direct sunlight. Chantix should be stored in a dry place.

Read on to learn how Chantix compares to nicotine pouch.

How is Chantix Compared to Nicotine Pouch?

Chantix is completely different from nicotine pouches. Both of them help to deal with nicotine cravings in different ways. One is a harmful habit to get nicotine buzz. The other is a prescription medicine meant to help with nicotine usage cessation. Chantix does not contain nicotine while nicotine pouches do. Chantix can only be bought with prescription while nicotine pouches can be purchased from shops online and offline. Chantix is meant to be used according to instructions while you can use nicotine pouches however you wish. Nicotine pouches come in different flavors while Chantix is unflavored medication. Chantix is only designed to be used for a short while; nicotine pouches usage time period is chosen by the user.

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How does Nicotine Withdrawal Affect Users?

Nicotine withdrawal affects the users in following ways: mentally, physically, and emotionally. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal last for 2 – 4 weeks. The toughest part of nicotine withdrawal is on the third day. Nicotine withdrawal is different for everybody and depends on their previous nicotine usage. The more nicotine they have consumed the harder the withdrawal will be. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are: fatigue, constipation, headaches and dizziness, coughing, cravings for nicotine, appetite, irritation, restlessness, lack of concentration, trouble with sleeping, hunger, anxiousness and depression. Nicotine withdrawal is hard but it is necessary to improve your health.

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Read on to learn whether Chantix is FDA approved.

Is Chantix FDA Approved?

Chantix was FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved. But in 2021 FDA reported that long term use of Chantix causes cancer. And they called for a voluntary recall of the medicine. Now they have allowed the use of it with limitations of varenicline at or below the acceptable intake limit of 37 ng per day. Anything above that level is diluted to the limitation levels or below. 

Read on to learn whether doctors recommend Chantix.

Do Doctors Recommend Chantix?

No, not at the moment (October 17, 2023). There has been a recall of Chantix due to concerns over a potential cancer-causing ingredient (Healthline). Pfizer recalled Chantix after the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)  reported that long term use of Chantix can cause cancer. There are limitations to Chantix strength and due to that FDA has said that quitting smoking is worth using Chantix at lowered levels. The good outweighs the bad in that case.