How to use nicotine pouches?

Are nicotine pouches a totally new thing for you? Nicotine pouches are really easy to use and guaranteed to function by anyone. Unlike tobacco, using nicotine pouches is nicely discreet – no one hardly notices the treat hidden under your upper lip! Below you will find instructions on how to use nicotine pouches as well as instructions on choosing the right product for you.

Nicotine pouches are imperceptible and easy to use

How to use nicotine pouches? You may have noticed how your friend slips a small pouch under his/her upper lip unnoticeably. These products are just as easy to use as they seem – as long as you know the technique and a few basic facts.

This is how to get started with nicotine pouches:

One pouch of nicotine is kept under the lip for about 15 to 60 minutes. All individual pouches are disposable, so after use, throw them in the mixed waste. Some product packages also have a separate container for already-used nicotine pouches in case there are no trash cans around. Easy, isn’t it?

Which nicotine pouch is the best for beginners?

On the Snusboss website, there are countless numbers of different nicotine pouch options, which means that it might be hard for a beginner to choose the option that suits them the best.

When using nicotine pouches for the first time, we recommend using products that contain as little nicotine as possible. Tolerance to nicotine increases with use, but for the first timer a too strong dose can cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea or sweating.

In addition to mild options, you should also prefer as small sized pouches as possible. The small size makes it is easy to place under the lip and it stays in place without the need to constantly think about it or fix it.

Novice nicotine pouch users often fall in love with flavored products, but that’s completely a matter of taste. Unflavored nicotine pouches also leave a nice fresh feeling in your mouth since they contain no tobacco whatsoever.

Ready to use pouches? Great, here’s how to get them!

Now you know how to use nicotine pouches – so it’s time to move to the store to order products! In our store, you will find a wild amount of super popular brands such as Dope, Snatch, Killa and White Fox. There are also plenty of flavors to choose from, anything from fruits to berries and fresh mint.

Last but not least, remember that it’s worth ordering a bigger batch from Snusboss at once since we offer free shipping on orders over 99€ !