Snusboss Partners – Become an affiliate

At Snusboss we want to spread the word of nicotine pouches to as wide an audience as possible. To succeed in this, we also have a separate Snusboss affiliate program for all our partners to join in. You can earn pure cash by sharing information about our site. Keep on reading!

Why to become a Snusboss affiliate

It is a pleasure to market good products, isn’t it? Snusboss is a globally renowned website offering a diverse set of the best nicotine pouches in the market. Our other merits include fast deliveries, safe payment methods and customer service that is always available.

Our products raise interest in numerous different target groups – many potential customers can be found in your stakeholder groups as well. When you direct these customers of yours to Snusboss, we will reimburse you for that. This is a real win-win situation to us all of us – for us, for you as well as for your customer!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get approved?

We aim to handle all new applications for our nicotine pouches affiliate program the soonest possible. Getting approval depends on whether we may need some additional information. Normally, we aim to go through all the applications within a few days at most.

Why was my application rejected?

There can be several reasons for getting rejected. Your application may not necessarily meet all of our conditions, such as accountability related requirements. We want to hold on to Snusboss’ reputation as an A grade operator, and not all operating environments fit our brand. For this reason, we investigate potential Snusboss partners very thoroughly.

If you want more information about the rejection of your application, you can contact our corporate customer service by email at:

What are your affiliate rates

We reimburse our Snusboss affiliate partners for any new customers they acquire. Such customers include end users who subscribe products from our website, and the completed order is not cancelled. The compensation will thus be paid only on realized sales.

The compensation paid is XX £ per customer. The deals can be customized according to the needs of the partner based on, for example, the number of new customer the partner acquires, let’s say, on a monthly basis.

How do I get paid

The payments to our Snusboss partners will be handled using XX payment method. Under the agreement between Partner and Snusboss, compensation can be paid, for example, once a month.

Is it possible to become a wholesaler?

Yes – Snusboss never runs out of items to be sold so you can also become a wholesaler if you want. To get more information, please contact our customer service at:

More questions? Here’s how to get in touch!

We aim to be the best nicotine pouches affiliate program and that’s why Snusboss staff is always ready to help both our consumer customers and our partners. You can easily contact us by email at We aim to respond to you as soon as possible, normally within a few days at most.