Snus bags

Do you want to get rid of tobacco, or find an odorless and discreet way to enjoy the effects of nicotine? Easy-to-use snus bags are an excellent choice – order the best snus pouches in the market right to your own door from Snusboss!

Best snus bags

Whether you are an experienced user of snus bags or a first timer, you will find by far the best selection at Snusboss. Our product line includes traditional Swedish snus pouches as well as the most interesting novelties. Search no more!

Snus bags are a great option for quitting of smoking, as the products enable you to get rid of the habit itself first, and only then the actual nicotine addiction. Compared to regular snus, snus bags are a clearly lighter option and to most users they do not cause any annoying side effects such as nausea or sweating.

All our snus bags are of high quality and very safe. Most products contain less than 4mg of nicotine per a snus pouch, making them healthier to use. Nearly all our products are also tobacco-free, so you do not have to worry about tooth discoloration or bad breath.

From the Snusboss online store, you can order products directly at your door, and our friendly customer service is always ready to help when needed. We offer free shipping on orders over 50 € and B2B over 1000 €, so you may want to order a larger quantity at a time!

How to use snus bags

Snus use is so easy that the bag sinks easily under the upper lip, even for the first time. One of the greatest benefits of snus is that they can be used discreetly anywhere, anytime – they don’t emit unpleasant odor, and you can set the product in place very quickly.

After finding an interesting product from Snusboss’ selections and ordering it at your doorstep, it is time to enjoy the enjoyable feeling provided by the snus bag. It is so easy to use:

  • Open the product package. One box contains, on average, some over 20 snus bags – grab one between your thumb and forefinger
  • Use the other hand’s fingers to lift your upper lip slightly up to insert the snus bag directly into place
  • Place the snus bag under the upper lip as high as possible. In this way, the product stays put without you having to constantly correct it. This also prevents the snus bag from “leaking” with saliva too easily
  • That’s all – gradually you will feel how nicotine starts to work in your body. If you have chosen a product flavored with lime, mint or coffee, for example, you will quickly notice this great taste as well

So, using snus bags is really easy. One snus bag can be used for an average of 15 to 60 minutes, after which the product is thrown in a regular trash bin. For first timers, the usage time itself is usually slightly shorter, but as your body gets used to the snus bags, the usage time can be increased.

Unlike regular snus, most snus pouches do not contain any tobacco whatsoever, which also gives them their snow-white color. Thanks to the non-tobacco content, the products do not stain your teeth nor leave a bad taste in your mouth after use. Instead, they leave nice fresh taste in your mouth – especially if you have chosen one of our spiced products.

In principle, snus bags always contain less than 4mg of nicotine, which means that the nicotine content is very low compared to ordinary snus. As a result, snus bags don’t usually cause any nasty side effects, but you may suffer from mild nausea or sweating, for example, when using the pouches for the first time. This is purely due to the fact that your body is not yet used to snus bags.

For experienced smokers or snus users, snus bags are unlikely to cause any side effects as they are much lighter than normal tobacco or snus products.

What snus bag brands Snusboss have?

The popularity of snus bags has grown fast in recent years, and various product brands have entered the market at the same pace. The dense crowd includes countless options ranging from the usual unflavored products to the most imaginative flavors – so you really have a lot to choose from!

Snusboss is a pioneer in the snus bag market and all the most popular, well-known and latest brands can be found on our website. We also have a brand of our own, called Epic, which makes many of our customers return to the Snusboss online store again and again!

Below you will find short introductions of all our most popular brands. However, the selection is not limited to this – you can get to know the whole splendor on our online store!


Epic is just as an epic snus bag as the name refers to. It’s Snussboss’ very own brand that you won’t find on any other site. When we were developing the product, we aimed to create the best snus bag in the whole world – and in our opinion we did a great job.

The stylishly packaged Epic snus bags are always easy to carry with you. The nice and mild bags with low nicotine content are an excellent choice – they give an extra boost to your mood in any situation. The product is available in several different flavors – just find your own favorite among all of them! Strongly recommended by Snusboss!


Zyn snus bags are one of Snusboss’ most popular products and no wonder. Behind this product is the Swedish tobacco company called Swedish Match, which has been operating since 1915 – so there really is a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in various nicotine and tobacco products in the background. Just like the company’s other products, Zyn snus bags are one of the market leaders in their respective product category.

There are a number of different flavors available of Zyn nicotine bags. These nice little bags stay easily in place and, thanks to their snow-white color, they don’t stain your teeth. Zyn suits perfectly beginners as well – feel free to give it a try!


For former and current smokers, British American Tobacco is surely a familiar company – after all, the logo shines on the side of most cigarette boxes. Just like other modern tobacco companies, BAT has also launched its own snus bag brand, hitting a jackpot at once.

Lyft snus bags are known for their fresh flavor. Nicotine gives a nice little boost to any moment, and non-smoking snus bags leave a nice and fresh feeling in your mouth after use. These environmentally friendly snus bags are available in as many as six different flavors. Try for example mint or lime!


Lynx is just as wild and unpredictable as the name sounds. This snus bag striving from the forests of the North gives extra power in any situation, and the compact bag doesn’t drip under your upper lip, not even in a tight spot!

Lynx is one of Snusboss’ most sought after brands. The moderately flavored snus bag also works great for beginners, and after trying out Lynx most users never wish to change back to their old brands or flavors!

White Fox

White Fox nicotine bags have made such an impression on many product users that after trying the White Fox, other brands are forgotten for good. The product was launched by a Swedish company called Gajane in 2019, after which the brand has developed and grown in the form of numerous different flavors.

White Fox was a pioneering product in the sense that it was the first completely tobacco-free nicotine bag. This also explains the huge popularity of the brand – with White Fox, you can forget about the bad taste in the mouth as well as discoloration of the teeth. The Snusboss online store represents a great selection of White Fox’s most popular products – go find your own favorite!

Other brands

The above brands are just a small cross-section of Snusboss’ product range. Altogether, there are many more products, and we are constantly searching for new brands and flavors to complement our online store!
Other interesting brands include Killa, Pablo, Snatch, Dope, V&you, Kurwa to go and Ice. The best way to find the right product for you is to bravely try different products. The one thing in common to all our brands is that Snusboss has found them to be quite excellent!

Snus bags flavours

Snus bags are available in several different flavors. Most manufacturers have many different flavors under the same brand, and when you add the different strengths of snus bags as well as other changing factors, the most versatile brands are actually truly comprehensive product families.

One of the most popular snus bags flavours are mint, green mint, peppermint or menthol. Most are seasoned using dried natural products that are added as spices to snus bags. Popular fresh flavors include eucalyptus as well as wintergreen.

Refreshing snus bags are not popular without a reason as they bring a really fresh and refreshing feeling in your mouth. Fresh mint in the middle of a monotonous workday brings a whole new flow, and best of all, these products leave a fresh taste in your mouth for a long time after using the product.

Fruit-flavored snus bags are also very popular. How would a snus bag flavored with, for example, lime, mango, berries or strawberry after dinner sound like? These products are like candy and they for sure taste great as well to female snus bag lovers. Best of all, new fruity flavors are constantly being released!

As with chocolate, candies and liqueurs, the pleasant taste of coffee has also found its way into snus bags. The coffee gives the product a delicious full-bodied and creamy taste, for example in the form of cappuccino. Those looking for a deeper experience should try Espresso, for example, which kicks off even the grayest day!

In addition to countless different flavors, snus bags are of course also available unflavored. These products are snus by itself, without any highflying details!

Most frequently asked questions

Where to put snus

A snus bag is placed under the upper lip, between the gum and the lip. The snus bag is held in place for about 15 to 60 minutes, during which time the nicotine is absorbed into the body.

Where to buy snus

Ordering snus bags is easy from the Snusboss online store right at your doorstep. Ordering products is completely legal, the products arrive quickly, and we offer free shipping for orders over €50 and B2B over 1000 €.

What is snuss

Snus bags are nicotine products that absorb nicotine into the body. Nicotine levels in different products vary and products are available in variety of flavors. Snus bags do not contain tobacco, as most regular snus products do.

Is snus illegal

No. Ordering and using snus bags is completely legal. You can order products from the Snusboss online store directly at your door.

What are snus pouches

Snus bags are pre-bagged nicotine products that are really easy to use. The bag is placed under the upper lip, from where the nicotine of the product is absorbed into the user’s body. Unlike many other snus products, snus bags do not contain tobacco, which means that they don’t cause discoloration of teeth, for example.

Order snus bags online

Have you been dreaming of quitting smoking for a long time? Or do you just want a little kick and refreshment for the everyday life? Nicotine bags are a great option and easy-to-use. Unobtrusive product travels with you everywhere. nicotine pouches do not cause nasty odor nuisance or health problems!

Snusboss serves people all over Europe, offering its customers the best selection of different snus bags in the market. Through us, you will find the right product for all tastes. We will deliver the product at your door very fast. We offer you a completely free delivery when your order exceeds £50!