V&YOU FlavFree FocusOral Pouch 6mg


Nicotine: 6mg/g
Pouch weight: 0,6g
Nicotine strenght: 16mg
Pouches per box: 20
Flavour: No flavour

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    Live life the way you want. Welcome to &FOCUS from V&YOU

    Not all nicotine pouches are created equal. That’s why we continue to set the
    standard for consistency, quality and purity. These tobacco-free pouches give you
    the rush of energy without the need for smoking or vaping. Find your vibe today.

    Our Pouches
    ● Extra slim pouches & packaging
    ● Deliciously simple flavours
    ● White: no colour, no staining
    ● Long-lasting enjoyment
    ● Free & superfast UK shipping

    Our Nicotine
    ● 100% Tobacco-free
    ● Smoke and odour free
    ● Clean, natural ingredients
    ● Lab-tested for superior quality
    ● Non-GMO


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