Nicotine pouches vs. Snus pouches – 5 things you should know

Nicotine pouches have grown tremendously in popularity among snus users. What exactly are these nicotine pouches and how do these pouches differ from Swedish snus pouches?

As you will notice, although both products contain nicotine, and are used in the same way between your gum and lip, a nicotine pouch is a much better choice in many ways.

1. Tobacco

The biggest difference between nicotine pouches and a snus pouches is that while a regular Swedish snus is a tobacco-based product, nicotine pouches does not contain tobacco at all, only the nicotine ingredient.

2.   Legitimacy

The sale of snus was banned in 1992 in all EU countries based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, but in Sweden the manufacture and sale of snus is permitted with a special exemption. The sale of snus is also permitted in Norway and Denmark.

Nicotine pouches instead, are perfectly legal products to 18+ audiences in Europe and the UK, with two exceptions, Finland, and Norway.

3.   Harmful ingredients

Regular snus contains, for example, ground tobacco leaf, salt, and various preservatives. As many as over 2,000 different chemical compounds, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, and chrome, have been found in snus. There is no precise information on the concentrations of these substances. In addition to these harmful ingredients already mentioned, Swedish snus has been identified residues of toxic pesticides used in the cultivation of tobacco plants.

Nicotine pouches contains only nicotine, natural fibres, sweeteners, and of course a wide selection of natural and fresh flavours, from which you can choose your own favourite taste.

4.   Availability

As mentioned before, the sale of Swedish snus was banned in 1992 in almost all EU countries. Therefore, the availability of snus is obviously poor in many countries. Because snus business is criminalized in most of the EU countries, often the snus trade also operates illegally and causes harm like any business in the grey economy market.

Nicotine pouches are totally legal to 18+ audiences in Europe and the UK with a couple of exceptions, Finland, and Norway. You can order your favourite flavours of nicotine pouches easy and with fast delivery – without thinking about whether it is legal or not. It is.

5.   Oral hygiene

Snus, as a tobacco-based product, is often smelly and gives you a bad breath and creates the urge to spit. Also, the tobacco in the snus will stain your teeth.

When using nicotine pouches instead, the product is tobacco-free, white and does not stain your teeth at all. Flavours are fresh and natural and refreshes your breath.

So, if you are using snus, or have been thinking of quit smoking and still feel you need your daily dose of nicotine, you must give it a shot and try nicotine pouches.

You can start your journey to a tobacco-free life here!

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