Nicotine pouches – healthy alternative to smoking

Many of us are desperately trying to quit smoking – a nasty habit that should be left behind, but many times tobacco is firmly keeping you hooked despite all the effort. In the market, you can find countless different ways to quit smoking, but often the replacement products are just as dangerous as the actual tobacco. So where to find a healthy alternative to smoking?

Smoking destroys the body in many ways

It is certainly obvious to all of us that smoking is an unhealthy habit. Tobacco laws, especially in the recent years, have become more stringent around the world, and today, for example, flavored tobacco is banned in its entirety in the European Union.

Tightening of tobacco laws is by no means made from cloth – smoking in fact is just as dangerous as claimed. This is a list of some of the worst health effects of smoking:

  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Deterioration of muscle condition
  • Premature aging of the skin
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Yellowish fingertips
  • Gray skin

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful compounds, of which as many as 70 have been researched to cause cancer. In light of this information, it is no wonder that a very large proportion of long-term smokers sooner or later develop lung cancer or other dangerous diseases caused by tobacco. Every cigarette smoked is said to shorten a person’s life by about fifteen minutes.

Despite all the side effects, quitting of smoking can be extremely difficult. There are two reasons for the difficulty to quit: the addictive nicotine contained in tobacco, and the deep-seated habit.

Most smokers have tried to quit smoking on several occasions, however, with no success. The younger you stop smoking, the easier it is likely to be – and the less is the damage already caused to your body by then.

Snus or nicotine pouches – which one to choose?

There are numerous different ways to quit smoking, and one of the most popular is the traditional snus. This favorite product of the Swedes works in practice in the same way as the nicotine pouches represented by Snusboss, i.e. the snus pouch is placed under the upper lip, from where nicotine is absorbed into the body.

Many consider snus to be a better option than tobacco, but snus also has many nasty side effects. One of these is that, unlike nicotine pouches, snus contains tobacco, which is why it stains your teeth in an unpleasant way. The tobacco contained in snus also tastes very bad, leaving a bad taste in your mouth and easily brings a rather nasty and musty smell into your breath.

Compared to snus, nicotine pouches are a great and healthy alternative to smoking. Nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco whatsoever due to which they do not cause tooth discoloration or other similar unpleasant side effects either. This also explains the pure white color of the nicotine pouches compared to regular brown snus pouches.

Other content in nicotine pouches is also very clean and contains significantly less nicotine than the most common snus in the market. There is enough nicotine to bring about the required feeling, for example, for the purpose of quitting of smoking, but not so much though that it would not be possible to get rid of the nicotine pouches at a later stage.

And what is best, you can easily use these unnoticed nicotine pouches wherever you want, whenever you want. As smoking is nowadays banned in many places it gives one more good reason to use nicotine pouches since it is possible to use them anywhere, anytime!

Quit smoking one step at a time

Quitting of smoking in an instant can be really tricky, especially if tobacco has burnt between your fingers for several years or even for a few decades. For many smokers, quitting step by step with the help of some efficient replacement products usually proves to be a much better option!

Nicotine pouches make quitting easy and success is guaranteed by nearly anyone. Even if you are not yet familiar with the product, you can get started quickly. Snusboss makes things easy by providing you with extensive information on various product options and instructions on the use of the product.

In the quitting part of smoking, habit can often be a bigger problem than nicotine addiction itself. For this reason, we recommend you first get rid of the habit with the help of nicotine pouches, and only after that focus on the nicotine detoxification. In this way, you will get rid of tobacco without paying too much attention to it, and the change will not be such a big shock to your body either.

Nicotine pouches are available in several different flavors, which makes smoking cessation even more meaningful. After trying a product that tastes like mint, lime, or coffee, for example, you definitely do not even want to go back to bad-smelling tobacco anymore.

Once you have gotten rid of the habit yourself using nicotine pouches, you can try to get rid of the nicotine by lowering the dosage if you wish. Eventually, you can get rid of both tobacco and nicotine painlessly – this is where a new and healthier life can begin!

Nicotine pouches easily and legally directly online

This healthy alternative to smoking is readily available right on your doorstep. Snusboss is the market-leading online store for nicotine pouches, with a huge number of different brands to choose from – examples include the favorite products Epic, Lyft, Lynx and White Fox.

Ordering and using nicotine pouches is completely legal, and we will deliver the products quickly directly to the address you want. If you order more than 50 £ up front, we will pay the transport charge for you. Visit our beloved products!